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Feeling addicted to food? Want to change your unconscious eating patterns? Feeling stuck? Many people frequently diet and become “yo-yo dieters”.  Learn to consider what you eat and realize if you are hungry, sad, angry or bored.  In this culture, it is not uncommon for individuals to use food as an emotional release, appropriately called “emotional eating”.


Trim Life is a program designed to train your mind to release weight.  It is a guide in which participants discover the emotional triggers that create unhealthy eating patterns.  Individuals learn hypnotic techniques to eliminate food cravings, reversing negative self-talk and beliefs.  In learning to identify and address the emotional issues that often drive overeating or binging, eating habits change.  Psycho-educational discussions are integrated into the work.


During these 6 weeks of 2.5-hour classes, participants will receive a book, workbook, and CD’s or thumbnail drives to help continue the hypnotic work. 


Where: Growing Harmony Services, LLC, Pittsfield, NH


When: Group Sessions start TBA


Cost: $349 (includes six 2.5 hour group sessions, several CD’s, and a book)


Call with your interest!

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