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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy utilizes altered states of consciousness to access unconscious material. It is a deeply experiential approach that acknowledges the vital role of your own spiritual connection.

"Hypnotherapy is an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation which bypasses the critical factor of the conscious mind and thus the mind becomes highly responsive to suggestions and healing."  
Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, The Wellness Institute, Issaquah, WA.

Hypnotherapy is great in processing inner child healing: "You did a great job as a child to survive in your world and to experience the least amount of pain.  As an adult, you began to realize that those defenses actually hinder you in creating intimate, healthy and trusting relationships in your life."  Yvonne & Michael, The Wellness Institute

​A typical hypnotherapy session is 90 minutes. A 90-minute session is $180. A sliding scale is available, please inquire.

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