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Linda Tremblay, LCMHC

Linda is a licensed clinical mental health counselor as well as a master’s level alcohol and drug counselor.  She has been in private practice in New Hampshire since 2002. In this time, Linda has gained experience working with a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety, stress, addictions, codependency, and conflict.

Linda has training in mind-body centered therapies includes yoga, breath therapy, SOMA Breath Advanced Certificate, heart-centered hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). These mind-body centered therapies are incorporated into each session to facilitate your transformation.

Linda’s personal yoga and breathwork practices provide the container for her mindful, compassionate guidance as a therapist or your “guide”. She enjoys the opportunity that process-orientated group work provides and views it as lending to a quicker transformation than traditional methods of talk therapy. In each therapeutic relationship, she is helping people remove the blocks to their growth and potential.

Her practice primarily offers group work, classes and individual trauma process work using hypnotherapy, EMDR, and breathwork. Linda has completed two years of training as a Somatic Experiencing™ practitioner. 

I have been on a life long journey and I am excited to offer guidance in providing opportunities for growing harmony within the self, integrating and reawakening to our “wholeness”. I may have an offering that speaks to you.
I have had a formidable and fluid journey, moving through my life’s obstacles with determination, fortitude, messiness, adeptness, collapsing into grace, tumbling into allowance, moving into mastery and celebration. This journey is a spiral revisiting the movement mentioned again and again. My introduction to yoga in 1994 anchored and established my spiritual practice. My spiritual practice has grown over the years to an
embodied divinity, returning to the sacred within and without. These practices are my container, the energy vessel that holds all.
I am a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga guide and breathwork practitioner, nature lover, harmony seeker, and student of life.
I envision the ripple effect of growing harmony within oneself will directly impact increased consciousness and kindness within our community. 
My psychotherapy practice primarily offers group therapy, SOMA Breath Journeys in-person and on-line, psychoeducational classes and individual trauma process work using hypnotherapy, breathwork and EMDR. I completed a two-year training as a Somatic Experiencing™ practitioner.

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