De-Stress Class

With awareness comes choice. Come cultivate mindful awareness in a supportive group environment. This class will incorporate hypnotherapy, which can change the thought processes that lead to anxiety and stress.

This is a three-week series class. In each 2 hour class, you are invited to support your nervous system to return to the 'relaxation response'. You will experience many tools to support your body and mind to de-stress. You will leave with a tool box of supportive techniques that you can continue on your own. Client insurance can be billed or $99 for all 3 classes.

De-Stress Support Groups are held in Pittsfield at Growing Harmony Services.

Dates: Spring 2020

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121 Hills Road, Pittsfield, NH

Tel: 603-661-7345,

When commuting to Growing Harmony Services take Rt 107 or Catamount Road all the way to Hills Road. DO NOT TAKE Old Pittsfield Road as this becomes an unmaintained road connecting to Hills Road. Disregard your GPS if it directs you onto Old Pittsfield Road.

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