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Breath Therapy

Introduction to Breath Therapy

What is breathwork? It is a highly personal, experiential process that uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks and stresses. It allows one to open up to receiving harmony, abundance, health, wellness and peace. Breathing is the key ingredient in physical, emotional and mental health. It unifies and integrates the body, mind and spirit. It is the meeting ground of the conscious and the unconscious.

Breath Therapy is a powerful tool allowing us to delve into our body’s natural healing resources.  In this breath therapy experience, you will engage in a variety of circular and conscious connected breathing techniques that can be described as a relaxed, connected and total way of breathing.  Breath Therapy is used for personal growth and development, stress management, spiritual unfoldment and can be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy.  


Coming Again This August 2019. Date TBA

Breathwork at Growing Harmony Services, LLC

You are invited to a session of breathwork with sound medicine provided by Steven Bachmann, of White Mountain Essence Didjeridu.

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