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This is the time to stand with inclusivity, justice, and equality.   GHS stands with the Black community and activists fighting injustice.

We believe all people deserve to live their lives in harmony. We believe that process-orientated psychotherapies are one way to return to our innate internal harmony. Through connected compassionate relationship between consumer and therapist and the transformational tools of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), mindfulness, group community, and learning self-regulation, balance is re-membered or discovered for the first time.  Old habituated patterns are released, rewritten and conscious healthy new conclusions, behaviors and decisions are developed.


Upcoming Events

  • Mar 25, 6:30 PM – May 27, 8:00 PM
    You are invited to join me in the ancient wisdom of the circle. We come together with four intentions: Listen From the Heart; Speak From the Heart; Speak Spontaneously; Speak with Leanness (gauging our airtime).
  • Self-Paced Study 3/19-5/25/21
    Schedule A Free Clarity Call Now!
    Self-Paced Study 3/19-5/25/21
    Schedule A Free Clarity Call Now!
    An offering from a colleague! Would you like to learn how to form conscious and intentional relationships? Then, keep reading! ​ This is an incredibly Special Announcement about a super important happening. A project I created with YOU in mind is available at last -after two years in the making! ​
  • July - November 2020
    CT & NH
    July - November 2020
    CT & NH
    Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) is a powerful growth/therapy program for anyone seeking to live life to its fullest.
  • Summer 2020
    Growing Harmony Services, LLC
    Summer 2020
    Growing Harmony Services, LLC, 121 Hills Road, Pittsfield, NH
    Introduction to exploration of personal boundaries and their importance in your life.


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 603-661-7345


About Linda Tremblay, LCMHC

Linda is a licensed clinical mental health counselor as well as a master’s level alcohol and drug counselor. She has been in private practice in New Hampshire since 2002. In this time, Linda has gained experience working with a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety, stress, addictions, codependency, and conflict.

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121 Hills Road, Pittsfield, NH

Tel: 603-661-7345,

When commuting to Growing Harmony Services take Rt 107 or Catamount Road all the way to Hills Road. DO NOT TAKE Old Pittsfield Road as this becomes an unmaintained road connecting to Hills Road. Disregard your GPS if it directs you onto Old Pittsfield Road.

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